Important Dates

Here are some important dates coming up this fall:

October 2-10 NPFMC in Anchorage
October 17-19 Board of Fish Work Session in Anchorage
October 27 SSRAA Board Meeting in Petersburg
November 16-18 Fish Expo in Seattle
November 28-30 Gillnet and Seine Task Force and RPT in Ketchikan
December 4-12 NPFMC in Anchorage

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Federal Register Notice seeking comments on IFQ Forms

In accordance with the Paper Reduction Act of 2015, NOAA published a notice in the Federal Register seeking comments on information collection regarding Individual Fishing Quotas for Halibut and Sablefish in Alaska Fisheries. The forms under review include: Application for Eligibility to receive QS/ IFQ (TEC), QS holder form (Identification of Ownership Interest), Application for Transfer of QS/IFQ (includes sweep-up); Application for Military Transfer, Application for Emergency Medical Transfer, Application for IFQ/CDQ Hired Master Permit, Application for Registered Buyer permit, QS/IFQ Designated Beneficiary Form, Application for replacement of certificates, permits, or licenses, Registered Buyer landing report, Transshipment Authorization, Prior Notice of Landing (PNOL), IFQ Departure Report, Read more...
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USCG Marine Safety Alert for lifejacket lights

The Coast Guard distributed a Marine Safety Alert today. An inspection of Alcares water activated flashing lifejacket light models Jack A1-ALK and Jack ARH-ALK found 3,000 non-operable lights before their expiration dates due to leaky batteries. Alcove can be contacted by email: or website:
The Safety Alert is here

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4th Special Session

Governor Walker called for a 4th Special Session beginning October 23 to focus on a bill proposing a payroll tax of 1.5 percent of wages earned by Alaskans and non-resident workers, capped at $2,200 or twice the previous year’s permanent fund dividend amount—whichever is higher. The proposal is expected to generate between $300 million and $325 million. About 15 percent of which is projected to come from non-resident workers. Under this proposal, Alaskans would pay the lowest taxes on a nationwide basis. The proposed payroll tax would only apply to income that meets the federal definition of wages, retirement income such as Social Security benefits would not be taxed, and neither would money from Permanent Fund dividends, income from capital gains, or any form of government subsidy like Read more...
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IPHC Annual Meeting Pre-Registration

The 94th IPHC Annual Meeting will be held January 22-26 at the Hilton Downtown Portland. New this year, the meeting will require attendees to pre-register. Please follow this registration link:

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Fall Commercial Dungeness Crab Announcement

The Fall Dungeness Crab Announcement is out and the 2017/2018 commercial Dungeness crab fall fishing season in Registration Area A (Southeastern Alaska) will be reduced in duration. All waters open to commercial Dungeness fishing in Southeastern Alaska will open at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, October 1, 2017 and will close at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, October 31, 2017. Based on data from port sampling and fish tickets, the department has determined that the proportion of legal-size male soft-shelled Dungeness crabs discarded during the first week of the summer season was above the previous three-year average, but the amount was not a contributing factor in failing to meet the 2.25 million pound harvest projection threshold described in the Southeastern Alaska Dungeness Crab Management Plan. Therefore, Read more...
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ADF&G Announces Non-Retention of Chinook Salmon for Commercial and Recreational fisheries

"August 7, 2017, JUNEAU — Due to poor ocean survival conditions for Chinook (king) salmon, which are persisting in Southeast Alaska and British Columbia, extreme management measures are necessary to restrict harvests in coast wide fisheries that are directed at stocks originating in Southeast Alaska, Northern British Columbia, the Fraser River, and the Washington Coast. Inseason information from ADF&G, the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and NOAA surveys off the coast of Oregon, Washington, and the Gulf of Alaska all indicate that poor production conditions are currently occurring and will persist through at least 2018. In particular, Southeast Alaska and British Columbia stocks are experiencing historically low production; many of the affected stocks will not meet escapement Read more...
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