New Board of Fish Appointees

Governor Walker announced three new appointees to the Board of Fish.

Robert Mumford, the latest addition to the Board of Fish, who was confirmed last spring has announced the Statewide meeting in March will be his last. Alan Cain has been appointed to replace him. Mr. Cain is from Anchorage and has spent 15 years as an enforcement advisor for the Board of Fish.

Tom Kluberton, the current Board of Fish Chair, and Fritz Johnson both have terms expiring in June. The Governor has appointed Israel Payton and Robert Ruffner to replace them. Mr Payton lives in Wasilla and works for Airframe Alaska, he has been a fish an game subsistence user for 40 years. Mr. Ruffner is an environmental scientist living in Soldotna and working for Kenai Watershed.

All three appointees will have to be confirmed by legislation and to join John Jensen, Orville Huntington, Sue Jeffries, and Reed Morisky on the Board of Fish. The Board is composed of seven members with three-year terms. Here is the Governor’s Press Release:

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