2017 EM Program

The deadline to sign up for the 2017 EM Pool is Tuesday, September 20. If you participated in 2016 and want to participate again, you will need to opt-in again. As always, if you change your mind, you can opt-out at any point. The selection rate is 30% and trips will be selected through the same ODDS system as the human observer program. Previously, boats installed and removed the wiring when selected for a trip. This winter there is grant money to pay for the wiring needed for boats and vessel owners can choose to install the wiring permanently. The camera portion of the set up will still be installed before an observed trip and removed at the end of the trip.

If you would like to opt-in for 2017, please contact Liz Chilton via email at elizabeth.chilton@noaa.gov, or call her at (206) 526-4197.

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