NOAA Marine Mammal video conference in Petersburg

NOAA is holding a Marine Mammal video conference on Wednesday, June 7th at 7pm in the Borough Assembly Chambers. Below are some of the main discussion topics, please let me know if you have additional questions you’d like addressed during the conference.

-What is the difference between ESA listed species and species listed on the MMPA?
-For those species where they are listed on both – how should that alter a fisherman’s behavior or does it not make a difference in what is allowable?
-What are the current levels of populations in SE AK?
-What is the status of ESA listings for humpbacks, Sellers and sperm whales?
-What marine mammal interaction ‘category’ are gillnet and seine fisheries in? Halibut and sablefish longline?
-What happens with the data NOAA collects for the marine mammal observer program? Is there potential to downgrade what category certain fisheries are in?
-What can fishermen do to deter marine mammals legally?

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