Resources For All Alaskans will Continue to Back Treadwell, State in Quest to Prevent Job Killing Initiative from Appearing on August 2016 Ballot

Written August 4th, 2014

Resources for All Alaskans (RFAA) is releasing the following statement regarding a Superior Court Judge’s decision to allow the proposed Set Netter Ban to potentially appear on the August 2016 Alaska Primary ballot.
“If passed, this initiative would immediately destroy the jobs and livelihoods of more than 500 Alaskan families,” said Jim Butler, President of RFAA. “The set netter ban would destroy jobs and have a massive, negative impact on the businesses, industries, and communities that they support throughout Southcentral Alaska.”
“The precedent set by this initiative alone will have permanent negative effects on Alaska industry and development. If we allow groups to allocate specific resources by initiative, who will be next? Mining? Oil and gas? It’s wrong and fundamentally Read more…

Bad news for fisheries in Alaska as politics and lobbying trump science and stewardship

Written July 28th, 2014

Bad news for fisheries in Alaska as politics and lobbying trump science and stewardship

SEAFOODNEWS.COM  by John Sackton  [News Analysis]  July 28, 2014
Two unrelated decsions on Friday represented bad news for Alaska’s fabled commercial fisheries.

First, The Alaska Superior Court on Friday overturned a lower court decision invalidating a fish grab by the Kenai River Sport Fishing Association.

That group put forward a ballot initiative that would eliminate all commercial setnets in the Cook Inlet salmon fishery.  Alaska’s attorney general declined to certify the initiative, saying it was a taking of a state economic asset, which cannot be done by initiative, Read more…


Written July 1st, 2014

Sitka Area Office
Kristen Green
304 Lake St. Room 103
Sitka, AK 99835
Phone: (907) 747-6688
Date: June 30, 2014
Fax: (907) 747-6693
Time: 10:00 a.m.
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) announces today that the 2014 NSEI Subdistrict commercial sablefish fishery annual harvest objective (AHO) is 745,774 round pounds. There are 78 valid Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission (CFEC) permits for 2014, therefore the individual equal quota share (EQS) is 9,561 round pounds (a 26% decrease from the 2013 EQS of 12,848 round pounds). The AHO is based on the sablefish acceptable biological catch (ABC) with decrements made for sablefish mortality in other fisheries.
NSEI Read more…

ASMI Releases Economic Value Report

Written August 29th, 2013

ASMI Releases Economic Value Report
One in seven Alaskans employed by the

Alaska Seafood Industry
Juneau, Alaska. August 28, 2013 – Today the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute released a report titled “Economic Value of the Alaska Seafood Industry” which measures the impact of Alaska’s seafood industry on the U.S. economy.
The Alaska seafood industry accounts for over half of all U.S. fisheries production and is a key economic driver in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.  It is estimated that the Alaska seafood industry provides a total of 165,800 American jobs, including 34,000 jobs for Washington residents in 2011.
Produced by Alaska-based research firm The McDowell Group, the report is the first of its kind, and finds that in 2011:

The combined value Read more…

USCG Rescinds Mandatory Dockside Exam Exemption

Written January 8th, 2013

Please follow this link for current information regarding the rescinding of the dockside exam exemption for commercial fishing vessels fishing or transiting Southeast Alaska inside waters.

Recission of SEAK Exemption from Mandatory Dockside Exams Response, Jan2013

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