New NP Council Members

This week, Michael ‘Buck’ Laukitis of Homer and Theresa Peterson of Kodiak were both appointed to the North Pacific Fishery Management Council to fill two of the Alaska seats.

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New IPHC Commissioner

Linda Behnken has been chosen to replace interim IPHC commissioner Jeff Kauffman for the Alaska resident seat. Bob Alverson will continue to serve in the non-Alaska US seat. These positions are two year terms and may be re-appointed.

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State Dock Ownership

The State has offered to allow Petersburg Borough to take over ownership and maintenance of the State docks at Entrance Island, Papke’s Landing, and Kupreanof. You can fill out a short questionnaire here and submit it via the email addresses at the top of the form or in person to the Clerk’s Office.

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ASMI and Mcdowell Groups Market Bulletins

Alaska Salmon Harvest Summary and Forecast Analysis -Statewide, 2015 was a record salmon harvest at 1.07 billion pounds, and 28 million pounds greater than 2013. -Projected harvests for Southeast are 366,000 Chinook, 1,273,000 Sockeye, 2,831,000 Coho, 34,000,000 Pink, 11,349,000 Keta for a total of 49,819,000 salmon. -2016 projected harvest is 161 million salmon and would be the largest even-year harvest since 2010. -In 2016, Bristol Bay’s forecast is up 10% above the 10-year average. -Typically, most of the Chinook and Coho salmon harvested in the State come from Southeast. Alaska Salmon Market News -An algal bloom in Chile killed over 25 million farmed salmon, Read more...
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2016 Seine Management Plan

The Seine Management Plan is out. You can read the full plan here: -The estimated Pink harvest is 34 million fish, the 10-year average is 37.4 million fish. -277 permits fished in 2015 and 260 in 2014. The total number of permits is 315, and the 10-year average is 241 participants. -The telephone message recording system for purse seine new releases has been canceled. -New in 2016 will be a test fishery that could occur in various seine areas throughout the region. The primary intent will be to raise revenue to assist the department with costs of managing the fishery. The department will solicit bids for these test fisheries in May and June. Scheduled Openings -Sunday, June 19 will be the first opening consisting of a portion Read more...
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Important Dates

-May 18-22 the USCG will be in Petersburg conducting dockside exams. You can sign-up at the Harbor Master office. -May 18 at 6pm in the Public Library Elizabeth Figus will be presenting her PhD findings from interviewing 78 fishermen about their experiences with electronic monitoring, human observers, logbooks, and halibut fishing prior to 2013. The flier for this event is attached. -May 18 at 7:30pm in the Coast Guard training room there will be a question and answer session for fishermen. -May 23-25 AMSEA is planning on being in Petersburg to hold a refresher class to renew expired Drill Conductor cards and a Stability Workshop. -May 25th King/Tanner task force meeting. -June 9 Platypus Marine invites you to join them for their Captains and Crews Barbecue catered by Liv and Heidi’s Read more...
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Kannad EPIRB Recall

Please check your EPIRBs, Kannad Safelink EPIRBs have been recalled. These are part numbers K1202311 and K1202367. If you have a Kannad, please see their website and enter the CSN number found on the yellow label for more information on replacements. You can also call them at 1(800)262-8722 or email them at

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